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RetailX Coronavirus Consumer Confidence Tracker – 25th March

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Enormous shifts in consumers’ retail behaviour are evident in this the second issue of the RetailX Coronavirus Consumer Tracker conducted 25th March. Since the first survey two weeks ago (11th March), government requirements have changed radically and we see that reflected with a majority of respondents now saying they are no longer going to work. This week the tracker reveals that 24% of shoppers have changed how they shop (mostly going online instead of offline) and that they will retain this behaviour even after the crisis has abated.

Survey Details

n =1000
demographicsUK residents of all age groups*
run date25/03/2020


All respondents were based in the UK at the time of the survey.

*Age groups: 18 – 24 (12.9%), 25 – 34 (27.3%), 35 – 44 (27.0%), 45 – 54 (17.1%), > 54 (15.7%).

Genders: female (49.9%), male (50.1%).