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5 independent retailers explain how they’re preparing for Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017

Friday 24th November has become one of the most anticipated retail events for UK shoppers. Black Friday is the occasion, originating in the US to mark the first day of the Christmas shopping season, where retailers make discounted offers for their customers, both online and offline.  The whirlwind event has swept its % signs and price slashes across the UK high street and is no longer exclusive to just larger retailers with independent retailers also getting involved in creating Black Friday 2017 deals.

 We spoke to 5 independent retailers that have a view on Black Friday and offer their advice on how independent retailers can get involved and prepare for Black Friday 2017.

Toy Hub Direct

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Toy Hub Direct is a family business that can happily boast to being a “one-stop shop” for the family’s entertainment needs. From small pocket-money gifts to larger presents there will be something for everyone.

“We tend to get a lot of support from our suppliers who offer discounts or deals. It can be a good way of clearing old stock and offering it at a reduced price (for example £30 reduced to £15). We do promote a bit on social media as our offers are also online but the main aim of Black Friday 2017 is to appeal more to locals.”


Lagen Look Boutique


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 Dedicated to bringing the best of fresh innovated style each item is handpicked to secure pieces of only the utmost quality, not forgetting style and comfort.  Being affordable prices they’ll help you achieve an individual look which can make you feel amazing without breaking the bank.

“Every year it seems Black Friday is coming earlier and earlier and I do think that it’s important for retailers to be getting their promotions out earlier too. It isn’t necessarily something we are big fans of but everyone is doing it so if you can’t beat them join them! Shoppers are spending money on Black Friday deals and so getting the promotions out quick and getting your customers aware of them before they find other deals is essential. We put news of our offers out 3 – 4 weeks before Black Friday and offer big discounts on new stock and new arrivals too.”


Babygear Bridport

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 Babygear is a family owned and run business with the largest selection of prams in the South West. The store features a baby and toddler boutique and is the appointed stockist of many of the UK’s leading baby clothing brands. All of this alongside car seats, nursery furniture and general baby products!

“We find that it can be difficult for us to prepare but it does come around every year so we do post onto social media and have offers in store. We get a lot of help from our manufacturers who provide offers too. Last year, they created an offer that was only available for independent stores and not the big competitor brands, which we look forward to for Black Friday 2017!”


After Glow

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The beautiful shop features forgotten or unloved items which have been ‘upcycled’ using decoupage, specialist paint and fabric to create new designs as well as artisan-crafted jewellery and homewares and vintage and retro gifts and accessories. 

“I don’t exactly do “Black Friday” I  do more of my own spin on it with “Glow Friday.” Which is a play on our shop name too. We do a flash sale of our items with discounts on them. We try to make the most out of what we have but obviously being independent and everything being handmade we aren’t massively flexible in price. However, we like to think taking a different stance on it, making the shop really colourful and putting things in the windows is a nice touch too. We promote the event on social media too and had a good response last year!” 


The Bridal Lounge



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Established in 2006, The Bridal Lounge is one of the area’s most reputable bridal retailers. They stock a beautiful range of dresses and will help you find the perfect one for events from your wedding to your prom.

“I don’t really agree with discounting the dresses on Black Friday! Why pressurise customers to spend at a specific time of year; if I can do it then why can I not do it all year? I don’t like my customers to feel like they have to buy urgently!”

Charlotte Lynch

Charlotte Lynch

Charlotte Lynch looks after marketing and operations for Modern Retail and is keen to help retailers grow. By conducting interviews and sharing informative content, Charlotte hopes Modern Retail can inform and engage retailers in the UK.