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5 Successful Independent Retailers Reveal Their #1 Marketing Tip

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A recent quote, “ marketing is really just about sharing your passion ”, got us thinking – it’s great to be able to create and to sell our passion through our products or brand, but how exactly do successful retailers begin to share their passion and get others passionate about it too?

The fact is, a lot of small business owners are already overwhelmed with the running of their store and find there are simply are not enough hours in the day for “extra work” on marketing. The problem is, marketing then slips behind other business necessities and it becomes harder to know what to do and where to start.

So, in order to offer some tried-and-tested marketing advice for retailers, we recently asked 5 independent retailers who have enjoyed success in their marketing efforts for their #1 marketing tip – and here’s what they said…















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Featured in a number of Bridal magazines, winner of several awards and in thousands of wedding photos – including celebrities – iHeartButtons’ unique take on the traditional bridal bouquet has caught a lot of attention. But how has this brand grown so rapidly and attracted so much attention? Lesa Simons gives you her #1 piece of marketing advice:

“My number one marketing tip is to watch other marketing gurus and listen to their podcasts or facebook videos to keep up to date with the current marketing technologies out there. It’s always changing and you can learn so much from the best in their field. There is so much out there for you to incorporate into your marketing – but you need to know about it first.”















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A family-run business whose impeccable customer service and community background prides itself on having the best range of greeting cards, social stationery and helium balloons for miles around. Other than the friendly atmosphere in the store, it’s their marketing efforts that have helped them generate a strong reputation. Director Nish Kanabar shares his top suggestion for achieving marketing success:

“Our No1 Marketing Tip would be stay visible on social media – and if you are not on there already then create an account. Best of all it’s free. There are not many free services that Independents can tap into, this is an absolute must!”

poppits jewllery















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This beautiful jewellery brand has grown rapidly in less than two years. Now shipping custom pieces of jewellery all over the world, while maintaining its unique quality with each piece of jewellery handcrafted by experts. Karly Jones reveals her #1 marketing recommendation:

“My one piece of advice is to use social media platforms to your advantage. Social media is the modern way to meet other businesses and potential customers. If used correctly your business can be seen by so many people. Link your page to every social media platform you have so you can be found easily.”

The Dressing Room















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This beautifully stylish shop has won numerous awards and been featured in a multitude of top magazines. Offering a five-star boutique service, this independent clothing brand has has grown rapidly thanks in part to excellent marketing skills. They have established a huge following across their social media platforms. Deryane advises:
“My Number 1 marketing tip is to allow your customers to see the personality behind your business. People want to see and get to know the real you, and the real team, so use your personality as your USP when marketing. Keep it fun, light and informative and people will respond. I have found this to be so effective on social media and across our website marketing, with people reacting far better to real-life posts than to polished brand images.”

Hansl toys















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Made by dads who combine almost 20 years of parenting experience, Hansl Toys understand what toys the children of today want to play with. Their high quality, fully tested and carefully selected educational toys and games have become increasingly popular in the UK market and director of the company Shuli gives us his #1 marketing tip here:

“The #1 marketing tip that works for me is to believe passionately that the customer knows they want what I am trying to sell them, they just don’t know why. This allows me to come up with increasingly personal ways to explain to each customer why they might want it as no two customers want the same thing for the exact same reason.”

Charlotte Lynch

Charlotte Lynch

Charlotte Lynch looks after marketing and operations for Modern Retail and is keen to help retailers grow. By conducting interviews and sharing informative content, Charlotte hopes Modern Retail can inform and engage retailers in the UK.