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7 reasons for retailers to use email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is used by retailers around the world to create a direct line to their customer base, but many fail to make the most of this platform. Tying directly to conversion rates, customer acquisition and purchase behaviour, email marketing is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to grow business.

Here are 7 reasons for retailers to utilise email marketing:

1. Keep subscribers up to date

Regular updates can work to successfully keep retailers at the forefront of consumers’ minds, giving you a head start against competitors.

Announce your latest products, events, campaigns and showcase new stock lines via email. Even if customers haven’t been into your store recently, you can easily remind them exactly what you offer and why they should return.

For ecommerce retailers, emailing subscribers with new stock announcements can work to encourage business, while sending delivery updates when items are being shipped is a guaranteed way to keep customers happy.

2. Build buyer trust

Grow your reputation with your subscribers through personable and targeted email marketing. By bearing customers’ preferences in mind, they learn to trust your recommendations and pay more attention to relevant calls to action.

Personalise emails by using customers’ names, promote products they have previously bought or link similar items which may be of interest based on their previous purchases.

3. Loyalty

Why not go a step further and make your subscribers feel valued? Reward loyal customers with offers, discounts and promotions. Send birthday or anniversary emails with discounts, encouraging business while adding a personal touch.

4. Make a big impact

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. With no limit to the length of an email, you are able to send more substantial messages to customers, adding imagery and other eye-catching content.

5. It doesn’t have to be time consuming

There are countless platforms out there which mean you can create an email marketing campaign quickly and easily, with templates and even databases to upload contacts.

You can plan campaigns in advance and schedule them to go out at a chosen time, even automating additional messages when specific actions are made. For example, you can tailor email marketing journeys to each customer, sending a designated email when a specific link is clicked, or sending a reminder when no action is taken.

6. Integrate online and offline communication

Email can link brilliantly with brick-and-mortar retail. Many people prefer to see products in person or try it on, so while email marketing isn’t as personal as face-to-face communication, it can work to initially capture the attention of customers.

Once an email has shown desirable products to a customer, many will then travel to stores to view the product for themselves, increasing footfall through simple email marketing.

7. Higher ROI

Email marketing delivers a higher return on investment than most strategies, creating a clickable and actionable link from online customers, directly to the retailer. Email marketing creates more conversions than any other marketing channels, including search and social, representing a higher ROI.

Email marketing in numbers

  • Email is 40 times more successful at acquiring new customers than Twitter or Facebook
  • An email is five times more likely to be seen than a Facebook message
  • 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content via email, rather than 17% who prefer it on social media
  • 96% of site visitors aren’t expecting to initially buy, unless they receive additional messaging
  • Email’s ROI is 28.5% on average, while direct mail’s is only 7%
  • 54% of shoppers will purchase a product in an online shopping cart, especially when they receive communication it has been discounted

Popular forms of automated email

  • Welcome emails
  • Product launches
  • Receipt sending
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Customer support
  • Account information updates
  • Registration confirmation
  • Market research
  • Discount and deal promotion
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Holly Worthington

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