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5 Top Tips For Branding Your Eco Packaging

Your packaging is the first time your customer encounters your brand in a physical sense, so it’s imperative to get it right. And when it comes to eco-friendly packaging, it’s even more important to ensure that your packaging is doing the talking for you. There are many ways that you can brand your eco packaging, simple but effective markings and messages can give your planet friendly packaging the wow factor whilst educating the end user on its eco credentials; here’s our 5 top tips.

Official Eco Markers:

Official eco markers are a great place to start. Easily recognisable, traditional markers that your customers are already familiar with can help reinforce trust in your brand and your eco-friendly packaging. Markers such as the Recyclable logo, the Green Dot, and the Compostable logo show your customers that your packaging is ‘officially’ eco-friendly and upholds the standards that these logos imply. There are plenty to choose from, but before you go ahead and brand your packaging, ensure that you tick all the boxes needed to use the official markers.

Green DotMobius LoopCompostableFSCPEFCPlastic Free

Unofficial Eco Markers:

If you want to get a bit creative with your eco branding, then unofficial eco markers could really work for you. Creating your own markers using icons that connote eco-friendliness such as leaves, trees and footprints, can have a real impact on your branding; drawing attention to the planet-friendly properties of your packaging in an easy way that speaks directly to your customers.

Incorporating both official and unofficial eco markers can give your eco branding a creative spin, one that is instantly recognisable by your customers but also offers additional information about your packaging, in a fun and customer friendly way.

Disposal Instructions:

Another great option is to include disposal instructions on your eco packaging. If your packaging is compostable, biodegradable or recyclable, shout about it with your branding. Printing clear, easily understandable instructions on your packaging gives a much better chance of it ending up in the right disposal stream, and not in the rubbish bin. Which? are an excellent example. They recently swapped from a polythene mailer to a compostable starch outer and branded it with actionable instructions; an excellent way of letting customers know the eco credentials of the packaging and also how to help the planet by disposing of it correctly. 

Eco Message From You To Your Customers:

Speaking directly to customers about the eco-friendliness of your packaging and your business can be a great feature of your branding. Telling your eco narrative, sharing the reasons behind why your packaging is planet friendly, and the choices you’ve made can be an excellent way of connecting with your customers and helping them understand your eco story. It doesn’t have to be a big paragraph, sometimes, just one simple sentence can do the talking whilst adding a personal touch. 

Here at Priory Direct we have recently launched a new plastic free, planet friendly packaging range and we decided to brand our eco-friendly paper tape with a simple eco message; ‘Delivered in planet friendly packaging’. A short message to demonstrate to our customers our commitment and promise to the environment without overwhelming the product with too much branding.

Partner With An Eco Charity:

Ensuring your packaging is eco-friendly is a great way of protecting the planet and doing your bit; however have you thought about giving back to the planet by partnering with an eco based charity? Teaming up a non-profit that works to clean up beaches, one that works towards helping you achieve carbon neutrality, or one that helps reduce deforestation and plant more trees – such as One Tribe – can be the next step to ensuring your packaging and business is as planet-friendly as can be. Printing about your partnership on your packaging is the ideal way to show your customers that you are committed to helping the environment whilst also drawing attention to all the good that your chosen charity does. 

Branding your eco packaging doesn’t need to be difficult or confusing; sticking to simple, easy to understand markers and messages is the most effective way of showing your customers that you really care about the environment. And remember, honesty is always the best policy, so ensure you are being as authentic and up front as possible about the eco credentials of your packaging and your eco intentions, and you can’t go wrong!

Contributor: Priory Direct