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3 benefits of digital signage for UK independent retailers

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Modern shoppers are more and more used to seeing digital signage on the high street. As well as large outdoor screens in eye-catching city locations, we are nowadays accustomed to seeing digital screens in hotels, waiting rooms, food outlets and, increasingly, in shops too.

The proliferation of flat-screen TVs and the accompanying digital display technology means that digital signage is an increasingly affordable prospect for retailers. But what are the advantages of this technology for UK independents?

Enhance your brand with digital signage

By their very nature of providing dynamic, animated content, digital screens are more eye-catching and memorable than static signage. This ability to provide rich, compelling content via digital media can only serve to enhance an independent retailer’s brand.

As with all marketing, it is important to consider your audience and ensure the tone of any marketing message is appropriate. But whether your tone is quirky and humorous or glamorous and sophisticated, if you consistently deliver relevant and interesting content to your customers you will only serve to enhance your brand.

Retailers can use screens to draw attention to special offers or announce an imminent sale, for example. Simple promotion of your social media channels is easily doable or, for those more adept with IT, a feed of your latest Instagram posts or Pinterest pins can be displayed.

Capitalise on your agility

A key facet of digital screens is their flexibility. With forward-planning, they can be regularly updated to show timely or seasonal messages. But digital signage can also be updated in an instant, meaning retailers can adapt screens quickly to promote new lines, flash sales or other topical messages.

Smaller independents are by their very nature more agile than their Tier 1 high street counterparts, and as such can directly benefit from the ability to be flexible and change marketing messages to suit the moment, or to experiment and try a new approach. And, of course, the beauty of digital marketing through in-store display screens is that retailers can change their message quickly and easily at no extra cost.

Keep customers informed

The advantages of digital signage for retailers are not purely centred around marketing. It’s worth noting that providing useful information for customers can increase efficiency in-store and improve customer satisfaction too. Digital signage allows for multiple messages to be delivered to customers on a loop, which means several pieces of information can be delivered over a period of time.

There are plenty of messages that can be conveyed to shoppers that can help improve their in-store experience. For example, if you’re offering a Click & Collect service, it can speed up customer’s collection times if you point them to the relevant cash desk, or the rear of the store, to pick up their goods – this will improve their overall purchasing experience and encourage them to shop with you again.

If you offer a loyalty card scheme, sell warranties, or have “upsell” products on special offer at the till, letting your customers know via digital signage before they get to the cash desk may encourage customers to enquire, or at least soften the ground for your staff’s sales approach at the point of sale.


Digital signage is more affordable and accessible than ever for independent retailers. Through well-thought-out use with good forward planning, you can boost both your marketing efforts and improve your in-store operations.

Rob Gamage

Rob Gamage

Rob Gamage is Managing Editor of Modern Retail. Combining many years of experience in publishing with a keen interest in small business and entrepreneurship, Rob is passionate about sharing interesting and inspiring content with retailers to help them grow.

Rob Gamage

Rob Gamage